Tax Distribution

Full Tokenomics Report

A fully detailed token economics article is available on Notion for interested readers: Read the full report here.
Below you may find a short summary of the most important features of the token economy.

Initial supply

The entire supply will be minted with deployment on the Arbitrum network. A total of 9,000 VOX2.0 will be the initial circulating supply (initial liquidity + airdrop distribution). The liquidity wil be locked for a period of 6 months on a trusted provider such as Team Finance, Unicrypt or DxLock. The liquidity lock will be regularly extended if the project develops positively. With a proposed launch price of $0.5 - $1.0 (based on acquired funds during the contribution period) the initial market capitalization will be approximately $90,000.

The rest of the supply (36,000 VOX2.0) will be locked in staking contracts, in a project-owned multi-sig wallet and/or vested.

Tax rate

There is a 4.0 % tax rate on both buys and sells. The split is marketing & development (50.0 %), automatic protocol-owned liquidity (25.0 %) and automatic double burns (25.0 %).

Emissions rate

Emissions are immutably set in the contracts and can not be altered. The emission duration for the staking pool is 4 years with approximately 6.15 VOX2.0 being distributed daily. The liquidity mining pool has a distribution period of 2 years with approximately 18.50 VOX2.0 being sent out to depositors daily.

Developer rate

There is no developer rate in the contract unlike in the original VOX1.0 protocol. Users can be at ease that the total supply will not increase (it will however decrease due to the token's deflationary nature).

Summary of the tokenomics

  • Total supply: 45,000 VOX2.0
    • 4,500 VOX2.0 (or less) and all contributed USDC will be used for initial liquidity.
    • 4,500 VOX2.0 (or less) will be distributed to existing token holders.
    • The remaining amount (36,000 VOX2.0) will be distributed as follows:
      • 9,000 VOX2.0 (20.0 %) → staking contract,
      • 13,500 VOX2.0 (30.0 %) → liquidity mining contract,
      • 11,250 VOX2.0 (25.0 %) → marketing and operations wallet,
      • 2,250 VOX2.0 (5.0 %) → team (vested for 1 year)
  • Emissions rate: cca. 24.65 VOX per day → no additional minting, emissions will automatically end after 4 years
  • Tax rate: 4.0% / 4.0% on each buy and sell
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