Be sure to increase slippage to 2.1 % before buying on Uniswap!
Any use of the Vox Finance smart contracts comes at your own risk. Our contracts have been audited but that does not mean that they are without fault. We are not responsible for any losses incurred by their usage.
You must have more than 0 VOX in your wallet to become a LP provider!


Start earningEasy guide on how to start earning your VOX

With the overload of information on "staking", "LP tokens" and "liquidity pools" farming VOX might seem complicated at first. But don't worry, earning VOX is really a straightforward process once you get the hang of it.

Short video guide Our contributor Crypto Steve Urkel created a video guide for staking on our platform: Link to YouTube.

Staking pool
Liquidity pool
  1. Buy VOX and save it in your Metamask wallet. You can buy VOX on Uniswap.
  2. Head over to the pools page on our website.
  3. Select "Staking pool" from the public pools list and open it.
  4. Click Approve after the pool dashboard opens to allow transfers to the smart contract.
  5. Click Deposit and confirm the transaction in your Metamask wallet. You will also get a confirmation message.
  6. After the confirmation you should be able to see the number of LP tokens on the pool dashboard.
  7. Open a champagne bottle and enjoy the sweet, plentiful farming rewards! 🥂

StakingHow exactly does staking work?

Staking is the technology of providing a set of assets to a liquidity pool and earning dividends for doing so. Typically "farming" works by providing liquidity to a trading pair on Uniswap and receiving dividends as explained above.

As soon as you provide your LP tokens you will start seeing your "Pending rewards" increasing over time. These are your VOX dividends which get updated every time anyone staking on the platform either claims ther dividends or adds/removes their LP tokens.

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